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If they are silent, who is going to inform us on labour rights?

The residential phase of “Communicating Labour Rights”, a training activity for media professionals, will take place at the Turin Centre from 25 to 29 July 2011, for journalists from 12 African countries

The media play a leading role in shaping the public debate about economic and social development, promoting universally recognized human and labour rights and contributing to the growth of a new consciousness of ethic and social responsibility.

The course will highlight the relevance of international labour standards, adopted  by the ILO, to responsible and accurate media reporting, which is likely to increase public understanding on labour and social issues.  In turn, public understanding can strengthen the application of international labour standards at local level, so as to promote decent work, carried out in conditions of freedom, equity, safety and dignity.

Linked to this course, since 2008, the Turin Centre has been organizing the international journalistic prize "Media for Labour Rights".

The prize was yearly awarded to the author of the best article dealing with international labour standards, a Japanese reporter for an article on death from overwork, a Zambian journalist for a piece on health and safety in mines, and a Filipino television reporter for a piece on domestic workers abroad.

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