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All around the globe, the media report on local, national and international events affecting the lives of men and women workers. However, many news organizations lack labour specialists among their staff correspondents, and many media workers have had little opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of human rights at work and related labour issues. To bridge this gap, the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC-ILO) trains journalists and other media professionals on the relevance of international labour standards (ILS) adopted and supervised by the ILO to accurate and responsible media reporting, which is likely to increase public understanding of the internationally recognized rights at work. As of today, more than 250 persons have already been trained.

Training courses
Training course for media professionals on "Communicating the rights of indigenous nationalities for inclusive economic development"

Code: A358419

Dates (residential phase): 22-24 September 2015

Venue: Kathmandu, Nepal

Languages: English and Nepali

What former participants say about the course

  • Attending the course has certainly become a milestone for my career.
    Misako Hida, Journalist (Japan)
  • It has all been a worthy and excellent experience.
    Ezekiel Soji Fagbemi, Labour Correspondent (Nigeria)
  • The ILO databases will definitely make a change to my stories.
    Dilshani Samaraweera, Journalist (Sri Lanka)
  • It's great to get to know you all and have great conversations and experience sharing during that five days in Turin.
    Long Pham Thi Thanh, Journalist and Editor (Viet Nam)
  • I just got back to work today, still basking in the glow of an enriching experience.
    Andy Johnson, Journalist (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Journalists from all over the world, excellent instructors and kind organizers really stimulated and refreshed myself. Now I can openly recommend the course to Japanese journalists interested in labour issues.
    Erika Umeki, ILO Information Officer (Japan)
  • It has been a wonderful experience for me and I put in practice what I have learned on a daily basis.
    Maria del Valle Guerra, Broadcast Journalist (Argentina)
  • I have arrived back home and back to work with great enthusiasm from the training programme. It was a very priceless orientation.
    Edmund Kofi Yeboah, Staff Writer (Ghana)
  • If life is a puzzle, then out of the training I have fitted in a wonder piece which has given me so many clues on how to handle my journalistic life.
    George Chomba, Features Editor (Zambia)
  • It was one of the best organised and delivered workshops I have attended over the past several years. It was intense and I noted that there was never a time when anyone seemed bored or wanted to leave at 5 p.m.
    Bennette Roach, Manager/Editor (Montserrat)


What media say about the course

For course participants
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